We have agile team, globally based and driven our of our passion to help people have a better quality of life.


David Clune

Co- Founder and Strategic Manager

David is a leading creative producer and social media strategist specialising in mobile-first and video content for digital distributions. He believes emotive content is king and engaging your audience is the key to a campaign’s success. He specialises in niche social media campaigns and content strategies, formulating content, split testing key messages and multi-channel distribution plans that push target audience down the marketing funnel to convert.


Kirty James

Co- Founder and managing Director

Kirty run the operations of Culture Shock Marketing to create exceptional experiences for everyone we work with. As a master of project management and operations. She is responsible for the strategic implementation of our digital marketing projects. Her unique set of skills combines data analysis and critical problem solving with psychology, resulting in tangible human behaviour insights that feedback into tactical strategies.