NSW National Parks - Young Adults Campaign


  • Our Facebook campaign reached 30M people, with 4.3M video views (an increase of 2,464%) and a total of 947k engagements

  • We grew the Facebook follows to 120k (254% increase) in just 18 months

  • The campaign and content drove over 500k page views to the new Adventure blog

  • We launched a brand new Instagram channel, which built an organic community of 50k active followers in only 18 months

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New research identified that a generation of young people were disconnected from nature as there was declining visitation to NSW national parks. Research also reported that if they stop engaging with nature they would be unlikely to for the rest of their lives, with a chain reaction passed onto future generations.


The Young Adults Campaign focused on re-engaging 18 -35 year olds with nature and increasing visitation to national parks.

Strategy included a multi-pronged approach:

  • We built a multi-disciplinary content marketing function

  • Built an Instagram with inspirational content using UGC

  • Established a team of writers and content contributors to develop content ongoing

  • Developed and executed an influencer strategy

  • Supported the above with paid media campaigns

The above were executed over the course of 2 years running including an ad campaign to raise awareness of the mental health benefits of nature.


  • A generation of young adults has been re-engaged with nature and national parks

  • We build capability within the client to continue marketing to and engaging with this cohort

  • We established new processes and so that the strategy could continue long after the project ended